For beautifully crafted gravestones in Adelaide and throughout South Australia

As well as new gravestones, Schubert & Sons in Adelaide also provide a range of other services throughout South Australia. We are able to engrave additional inscriptions onto existing headstones using the same letter style to ensure a perfect match. We also offer pre-paid memorials with all funds invested with an approved financial institution. We are a foundation member of the Monumental Masons Association of SA Inc.

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New memorials

Gravestones in Adelaide

When we create new memorials and gravestones, we treat them as individual works of art. We offer a wide selection of quality marble and granite, sculpted into traditional or customised designs. Choose from various inscriptions and fonts to create a memorial that is perfect for your needs. We take great care and pride in our work, never forgetting what it is we are doing for your family.


Restored gravestones in Adelaide

Old graves and memorials can become worn beyond recognition after many years. At Schubert & Sons in Adelaide we offer a restoration service. We can clean memorials to their original state. We can perform the re-gilding of existing gold letters. We can do the re-painting of letters and artwork. We always strive to maintain the integrity of the original memorial.


A range of beautiful stone, marble and granite products

Schubert and Sons can also offer additional products to enhance any memorial. These include:

  • Flower containers
  • Bronze plaques
  • Foundation stones
  • Porcelain flowers and crosses
  • Marble and Granite chips
  • Ceramic and engraved photographs
  • Cremation memorials
  • Pet memorials